Uma Group is one of the most committed players towards environment in the paper industry. We have a well-functioning, two stage Effluent Treatment Plant in place with pre-primary and primary treatment mechanisms for the effluents from the mill. The water quality after the treatment is flawless and we use 100 percent treated water back in our processes, even in high pressure showers. Moreover, for curbing air pollution, we have installed an Electro Static Precipitator (ESP) to filter and remove fine particles like dust and smoke from the flowing gas.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Respect for employees by providing an environment conducive of trust, motivation and openness, where all personnel can realize their full potential Adhering to ethical standards of 'No forced/compulsory/child labor' Development of skills by continuous training Target the work force and work place with strategies to create awareness of importance of diversity in every aspect of our business.

Economic Performance

Automation of plants and investing in high end technology leading to better quality and increased productivity Using resources wisely and curbing waste generation Being abreast with technology and software solutions to facilitate complete connectivity Creating an awareness of adopting cost effective methods in every aspect throughout the organization.

Health & Safety

General cleanliness and work place hygiene Employee diligence in regular day to day operations on the shop floor accident free work place Striving to achieve an Developing, implementing and maintaining effective systems and procedures.

Care for Environment

The Paper industry has been providing cost-efficient fiber-based packaging material for over 100 years, always managing our businesses according to sustainable values. Because of our relationship to natural resources, we have long understood the connections between our economic performance, environmental stewardship and the positive impact of our products in people's everyday lives. Uma Group sees sustainability as an interconnected, reinforcing dynamic for managing a successful enterprise: wise environmental stewardship, stable financial performance and commitment to sustainability make our industry financially sound and aligned with the broader values of society and the needs of sustainable operations, leading us to develop creative packaging paper to meet those needs.

Why Recycle

Recycling helps decrease solid waste disposal in landfills. It also provides fiber that is reused to make new corrugated, so we can use less new, raw material. Recycling corrugated even earns revenue for the end-user, because that recovered material ( called " OCC , " for "old corrugated containers") is valuable to paper mills and manufacturers of new corrugated boxes.